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Stander Devices

1 自動潤滑系統 - 流暢的運作


1 Automatic Lubrication System

A central automatic lubrication system lubricates all chains automatically.

Galvanized oil collectors come with this system.

>> Smooth operation

2 優越的靜肅性構造   - 極度快適, 優越的順暢度及品質



(傳統機種是金屬的踏階直接與驅動齒輪結合.   H < 14m時)

2 Rubber Wheel Incorporated in Step Chain

Rubber Wheels integrated with step chain engage with sprocket. 

(Previously metal step chain engaged with sprocket directly.)

>>Superb riding comfort.

>>Exceptional smoothness & quietness.

3 鋁製踏板  界邊加上劃界線 - 提升乘客的安全

黄色樹脂的劃界線加在踏階的邊緣加強安全性 (僅室內用機種對應)

3 Aluminum Step with Demarcation Line

Yellow resin made demarcation lines are provided at the edges of each step for safety.

>> User's safety

4鋁製乘降板 - 耐用時效長, 優越的堅硬度

施工期間可利用鋁製乘降板的反面 以預防正面受到損害.

乘降板的厚度達到40mm具有優越的堅硬度Slow speed operation prevents passengers from misunderstanding that

4 Aluminum Landing Plates

The reverse side of the floor plate can be used during the construction stage to prevent the right force of the plate from any damages by others.

This plate is super-rigid because of its 40mm thickness.

>>Longer durability

>>Super rigid

5華麗的欄杆 - 耐用時效長, 華麗的外型


5 Deluxe Balustrade

Durable stainless steel is used for the handrail frames and deck covers.

>>Longer durability

>>Luxurious appearance

6故障顯示 - 維修效率 及 適當維修的對策

顯示分析運作的情況當故障發生時 顯示器顯示故障原因


6 Fault Display

It analyzes operational status.  When a fault occurs, the cause is displayed on the screen in order to ensure efficient and proper maintenance.

>>Efficient & proper maintenance


Optional Devices




7 Comb Lights

  Lights are mounted on the skirt guards at the upper and lower landings,

  Illuminating passenger's steps for easier boarding and exiting.

  >>User's safety

8節能系統 - 省電, 使用便利








8 Energy Saving System

  Variable frequency operation offers the latest inverter technology, that

  drastically reduces power consumption.  The escalator runs at very low speed under the no load condition and resumes normal operation when approaching passengers are detected by the sensor in the poles located near the landing or the sensor by 3D Type.  You can choose either 3D Sensor Type or Pole Type.  Slow speed operation prevents passengers from misunderstanding that escalators were out of service.  The length of Upper Truss is to be extended by 300mm due to the incorporation of Inverter Unit.

  >>Less power consumption



  踏階中照射出, 提醒乘客注意水平踏階

9 Demarcation Lights

  To help passengers easily identify the boundary line between steps, green

  fluorescent lights are mounted under the steps.  These are located at the upper and lower landings.

  >>User's safety

10自動開始/停止  運轉  -  節電, 環保




10 Automatic Start/Stop Operation

   The sensor located near the landings detect approaching passengers and

   automatically start operation.  The operation is stopped after all the passengers have exited.  You can choose either 3D Sensor Type or Pole Type.

   >>Less power consumption





Stander Safety Devices

1 扶手帶入口保護裝置

當有外物卡在扶手帶入口時, 此裝置將使自動步道停止.

1 Handrail safety guard

Stops the autowalk when an object I caught in the handrail inlet.

2 緊急停止按鈕

當緊急情況發生時, 按下此按鈕自動步道將緊急停止.

2 Emergency stop button

Stops the autowak when the button is pressed.

3 主驅動鍊條斷裂安全裝置

當主驅鍊條鬆弛或斷裂時, 煞車裝置將啟動使自動步道停止.

3 Broken drive-chain safety device

Stops the autowak if the drive-chain is stretched or broken.      

4 踏板鍊條斷裂安全裝置

當踏板鍊條鬆弛或斷裂時, 煞車裝置將啟動使自動步道停止.

4 Broken pallet chain safety device

Stops the autowak if the pallet chain is stretched excessively or broken.  

5 電氣回路安全裝置


5 Electric circuit protection device

Provided within an automatic circuit breaker to protect the autowak circuitryand power supply parts.

6 煞車

當電源停止供應或任何安全裝置啟動時, 彈力作用使煞車裝置啟動使


6 Brake

Brake is activated to stop the autowak by a spring force action when the power fails or any safety device is activated.

7 踏板警示線

在踏板邊緣設置黄色合成樹脂警示線, 以預防乘客夾入踏板邊緣及踏板與


7 Demarcation line

Yellow synthetic resin demarcation ines are provided on the edges of the autowak tread panel in order to prevent passengers from stepping on the edges between adjacent steps and between the step and skirt guard.

(For stainless steel made step)

8 防逆轉安全裝置

當運行方向改變, 煞車裝置將使自動步道停止.


8 Reversal protection device

Stops the autowak when reverse operation against the preset direction is commanded.

(For inclined autowalk only)

9 調速機

當超速或運行方向改變時, 煞車裝置將使平行步道停止.

9 Governor

Should the autowak go in overspeed or in a opposite direction against the presetdirection, the operation is stopped. 

(For inclined autowalk only)

10 齒梳安全裝置



10 Comb safety device

Stops the autowak if a foreign object is trapped between a step and the comb.

11 踏板下沈安全裝置

當踏板破裂或下沈時, 煞車裝置將使自動步道停止.

11 Pallet sag safety device

Stops the autowak before the pallets enter the comb plate when an abnormal pallet sag is detected.

12 電源相位 欠相或逆相 保護裝置

當電源欠相或逆相時, 此裝置將啟動使自動步道停止.

12 Phase failure (phase-reversal) prevention

The autowak operation is automatically stopped if phase failure or phase-reversal occurs.

13 踏板減失檢測裝置

偵測到踏板減失時, 煞車裝置將使自動步道停止.

13 Pallet missing device

Stop the autowalk if the pallets are missing.     

14 扶手帶速度偵測裝置

當扶手帶速度異常時, 煞車裝置將使自動步道停止.

14 Handrail speed delay sensing device

Stops the autowak if the handrail speed becomes slower than the pallet speed by more than the preset value.

15 煞車釋放偵測裝置

監控煞車釋放.  若煞車沒有被釋放, 自動步道無法起動.

15 Brake releasing sensing device

Monitor brake releasing.  Autowalk can not be started if brake has not released.


Optional Safety Devices

16 護裙板安全裝置


16 Skirt guards panels

The guards are coated with a slippery fluoroplastic to enhance safety.

17 防火捲門連動裝置

當靠近自動步道的防火捲門被啟動時, 將連動煞車使自動步道停止.

17 Fire shutter interlocked device

Stops the autowak when the interlocked fire shutter, which is located near the autowak, is activated.

18 扶手帶斷裂安全裝置

當扶手帶鬆弛或斷裂時, 煞車裝置將使自動步道停止.

18 Broken handrail safety device

Stops the autowak if either handrial is broken.

19 輔助煞車 (只對應傾斜的自動步道)

當特定安全裝置啟動時, 機械式緊急煞車將啟動確保自動步道停止. (H>6M時 : 標配,

H<6M時 : 加價選配)

19 Auxiliary brake (For inclined autowalks only)

A mechanically-operated auxiliary brake stops the autowak when the governor is activated. (Standard for H>6M; Optional for H<6m)  

20 串聯運轉互鎖

當串聯運轉的平行步道之中的1台停止運轉, 其它串聯的平行步道也同時停止運轉.


20 Tandem operation interlock

Should any one of the autowaks in a continuous sequence stop, all the interlocked autowaks are stopped.

These autowaks are electrically interlocked to run in the same direction.       

21 刹車距離監測器 / 裝置

當平行步道運轉距離超過20%的上限時, 煞車裝置將使平行步道停止.

21 Braking distance monitor device.

Locked the autowalk if exceeding the maximum permitted stopping distances by more than 20%.

22 乘降板開啓安全裝置

乘降板開啓或移動時, 煞車裝置將使自動步道停止.

22 Opened floor plate safety device

Stops the autowalk if the floor plate is opened or removed.  

備註: 視應用的法規而安裝需要的安全配備.

Note: Necessary safety devices shall be installed according to the applied code.